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The Aviation industry is full of acronyms and highly technical language. AviationDictionary.org presents you here with a great collection of aviation dictionaries to furnish you with an essential guide to the aviation terminology.

Apart from aviation terms, phrases and jargons, this collection of aviation dictionaries brings you detailed and relevant information on airport codes and names, technical and mechanical data on aircrafts; a journey through time with historical information on the aviation industry during the WWI and WWII, beautiful aircraft illustrations, and much more.

If the world of Aviation, Aeronautics and Aircrafts is your thing, you will certainly enjoy this extensive and complete collection of Aviation Glossaries and Dictionaries.

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Letov LF 107 Lunak

Perhaps one of the most exciting sailplanes ever produced. Capable of flying at 250mph, or with flaps deployed at less than 45mph for climbing in thermals. Originally it was used to train MiG pilots. Sadly very few survive today due to an order from the Czechoslovakian airworthiness authority ordering all 200 Lunaks to be destroyed in 1952 after one broke up doing aerobatics.
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